About DesigningCrystal.com

Throughout the ten years I have been designing jewelry, my style has always reflected the classically and beautifully dressed women I have admired my entire life. This type of woman transcends all time… from the elegant era of European 18th century, to the classic Jackie Onassis type… to the very up-to-date chic woman of our current times. A confidant woman who knows what she wants out of life and expresses her personal style in her manner of dress, whatever the occasion. Whether she is going to the office, shopping, attending a luncheon, or out for an evening event, she loves beautiful statement jewelry.

I am constantly surprised as to what inspires me creatively. My designs are born from perhaps nature one day, architecture or a gorgeous fabric another day or simply from the surroundings of my unique inventory within my studio. Each jewelry piece I create meets my demanding criteria of unique, top quality gemstones, crystals, metals and artisan components from all around the world. Many of the impressive artistic techniques within my pieces date back centuries. Czech glass, Bali beads, Hill Tribe silver, Lampwork glass, Murano glass, to name a few, are components I will use either alongside gemstones and crystals, or as a showcase piece on their own.

Swarovski Crystal has always been an attractive and fascinating jewelry component to me. I often will incorporate these gorgeous crystals into my designs. The unique colors and innovative shapes that Swarovski’s design seasonally, can take a perfectly beautiful gemstone, metal, or art-form to a whole new level of awe-inspiring beauty when paired successfully.

I am blessed to be a part of an extremely artistic family where personal creative expression in many forms can be found in every aspect of our lives. The family talent pool effortlessly produces amazing artwork in the form of drawings, oils, chalks, interior design style and photography, yet, I didn’t necessarily embrace any of those interests as my particular forte. For many years as I dabbled in painting and a bit of this and that. I applauded my five sisters’ talents and then eventually, my own children’s amazing award-winning work.  Happily busy raising my sons, it wasn't until they were pre-teens that I found my own artistic passion! I've always had an appreciation for beautiful gemstones, the many colors and shapes of crystals and the talented artistry of glass or porcelain beads. Further educating myself extensively within this particular field led me to where I am today; designing unique jewelry pieces.  

The joy I feel while creating beautiful jewelry cannot be described! It is my sincere hope that my clients feel my jewelry pieces compliment both the outer and inner beauty of today’s successful women, whether she be a stylish homemaker or the corporate woman on the go or a combination of both!

Suzanne Gaynor
Founder & Principal Designer